Niacin can be used as food and feed additives

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It is understood that niacin is in the form of white crystals or white crystalline powder, which is heat-resistant and can sublimate. Niacin is also known as niacin and anti-skin factor. Also included in the human body are its derivatives nicotinamide or nicotinamide. It is one of the 13 essential vitamins for the human body. It is a water-soluble vitamin and belongs to the vitamin B family. Niacin has three product specifications, namely food grade, feed grade and pharmaceutical grade. Niacin is mainly used as a nutritional additive (water-soluble vitamin) in feed, and is also used as an intermediate in food, medicine, and dyes. It is also used as an additive in electroplating solutions and as a biochemical reagent.

Niacin can be used as food and feed additives:

Food additives:

Niacin belongs to the vitamin B family and participates in the body’s Lipid metabolism, oxidation processes and anaerobic decomposition processes. Niacin can be converted into tryptophan in the body. The human body is generally not prone to niacin deficiency. However, when the staple food does not contain niacin, or there are substances that decompose niacin in the staple food, it is easy to cause niacin deficiency. Coarse skin disease. Therefore, niacin is widely used in pasta processing, dairy products and corn flour production. Adding a certain amount of niacin to food can effectively prevent the occurrence of such deficiencies.

Feed additives:

Niacin is an indispensable substance for animal growth and development. Niacin in cereal feeds mainly exists in the form of conjugation, which makes it difficult for animals to absorb it. Absorption, so synthetic nicotinic acid needs to be artificially added to the feed.

Adding an appropriate amount of niacin to the feed and feeding piglets (chickens) can quickly increase their weight. Feeding laying hens niacin-based feed can increase their egg production rate, and the eggs also contain a certain amount of niacin, which improves their nutritional value.
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