The Market of Codonopsis Pilosula will Rise again in 2022 due to High Temperature and Drought!

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  According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, the overall market of Codonopsis pilosula will show an upward trend in 2022. At the beginning of the year, the unified price of Codonopsis pilosula will be 48.20 RMB/kg. As of December 29, the average price of Codonopsis pilosula will be 62.40 RMB/kg, an increase of 29.46% in the year.

  The market situation of Codonopsis pilosula this year is basically divided into two stages. In the first half of the year, the the market situation of Codonopsis pilosula showed a trend of first stabilizing and then rising. In the second half of the year, the price of the the market situation of Codonopsis pilosula rose again after a month of

  The first half of the year: first stabilized and then increased

  In April 2022, the temperature in Gansu began to rise rapidly, and the weather was dry, which led to more concerned businesses. The market of Codonopsis pilosula rose from 48.20 RMB/kg at the beginning of the year to 53.80 RMB/kg, an increase of 11.62%. In June, with the rainy weather in the production area, the price of Codonopsis pilosula became stable. In addition, the supply of Codonopsis pilosula was sufficient, and the price was stable.

  The second half of the year: first stabilized and then increased

  Last year, the growth period of Codonopsis pilosula was affected by drought, resulting in dead seedlings, more dead roots, and a 30% – 40% reduction in output. This year, people are highly motivated to plant, and the planting area has increased. However, due to the bad weather in the producing area this year, the growth of the plant is not good, there are many businesses concerned, and the popularity of Codonopsis pilosula has increased, and the market of Codonopsis pilosula has risen steadily.

  In September, the production of fresh Codonopsis pilosula began to be new. The price of fresh Codonopsis pilosula, which can be cut into slices, was about 19 RMB/kg. The price of fresh Codonopsis pilosula was about 15 RMB/kg in the same period last year. According to a 3.5:1 dry rate, the sub price of dry goods this year was about 67 RMB/kg. Last year, the sub price of dry goods was about 53 RMB/kg, a large increase compared with last year. Since October, due to the impact of the epidemic, travel has been restricted in Gansu, and the supply of Codonopsis pilosula has been moving slowly and the market has been running smoothly.

  Main factors affecting the market of Codonopsis pilosula:

  High temperature and drought affect the yield of Codonopsis pilosula

  Codonopsis pilosula is mainly planted in Dingxi City and Longnan City, Gansu Province. Codonopsis pilosula in Dingxi City is mainly distributed in Weiyuan County, Lintao County, Longxi County, Min County and Zhang County; Longnan City is mainly distributed in Dangchang and Wenxian. In Gansu, there are Codonopsis pilosula with local patterns and white stripe Codonopsis pilosula, which has been introduced for 60 years. In recent years, the output of Gansu Codonopsis pilosula accounts for about 90% of the country.

  In 2021, due to the impact of the epidemic, Gansu encourages grain planting; In addition, the planting income of Codonopsis pilosula will be very small in 2020, farmers’ enthusiasm for planting will decline, and production will begin to be reduced. In the intermittent drought disaster from June to August 2021, the high temperature led to the outbreak of yellow core disease, and the death of seedlings in the northern production areas of Gansu was quite serious. This year’s output of Codonopsis lanceolata dropped significantly, with an estimated total output of about 25,000 tons, and the average yield per mu was less than 70 kg, a decrease of more than half compared with 2020.

  In April 2022, the temperature in Gansu starts to rise rapidly and lasts until September; At the same time, the rainfall has decreased by about 50% compared with 2021, which has caused a great impact on the production of Codonopsis pilosula. The situation of dead seedlings and wilting continues to intensify, further affecting the yield of Codonopsis pilosula this year.

  Increased demand for edible codonopsis pilosula

  In terms of Chinese patent medicines, according to statistics, the 210 Chinese patent medicines currently on the market contain Codonopsis pilosula. Among them, the Chinese patent medicines with the highest demand for Codonopsis pilosula are Shenqi Injection, Shengmai Drink (Codonopsis pilosula Fang), Yiqi Yangxue Oral Liquid and Bazhen Yimu Pill. The Chinese patent medicine enterprises with the highest demand are Lizhu Group, Henan Tongyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Fuzhou Haiwang Golden Elephant Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  In the aspect of traditional Chinese medicine, the annual consumption is about 10000 tons. Codonopsis pilosula belongs to the category of drugs that can replenish the middle and replenish qi, and belongs to the variety with large sales volume of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces. In the past two years, the specialized households processing Codonopsis pilosula slices have concentrated in the production area. The sales market is in Shouyang, Longxi. There are hundreds of processing households with large production areas. The processing scale and processing technology have also improved a lot compared with the previous years. Now the origin of Codonopsis pilosula is integrated with processing, sales and storage, and the market has become a subordinate position and distribution channel. Therefore, the fluctuation of Codonopsis pilosula market is often dominated by the origin.

  In terms of food, the annual consumption of Codonopsis pilosula is increasing, with the national consumption of about 8,000-10,000 tons. With the improvement of people’s health awareness, in the past few years, it was mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Now, the consumption in the Central Plains and northern provinces, especially in Beijing and Tianjin, is around 8,000-10,000 tons nationwide.

  To sum up, it is understood that in the first half of this year, there were some sellers who were short of goods, and there was still a certain amount of inventory of old goods. But this year, the output per mu decreased. In addition, this year, the price of fresh Codonopsis pilosula was high. SunSirs believed that the market of Codonopsis pilosula would still rise next year.

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