HF-4416 Low temperature unblocking one-component HDI isocyanate curing agent

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model HF-4416

Type Low temperature deblocking one-component HDI isocyanate curing agent

apply One-component baking film coatings of various polyurethane types, primers for various substrates, high-durability industrial paints.

Main features

-110℃ low temperature unsealing, high temperature fast curing, can be used as pre-coating film field

– Good compatibility with various types of resins, light resistance, chemical resistance, improve the physical strength of the coating film, high weather resistance, yellowing resistance, washing resistance, excellent adhesion.

-high storage stability at room temperature .

Product Specifications

Physical properties


Non-volatile components (% )


Color (Garden)

≦ 1

Viscosity (25℃, mPa .s)


NCO content (%)


ion type


density 25℃


PH value



should be at 5℃-30 Store under ℃, store in a dry place indoors, avoid direct sunlight. Under the specified storage conditions, the expected shelf life of this product is 360 days.

Recommendations for use

Recommended addition 0.5%The catalyst can be used in115-120 degrees30 minutes to dry completely, but add 0.5% of the catalyst will reduce the storage stability of the finished product According to the experimental data, after adding 0.5% after the tin catalyst at 40 Continuously placed at 100 degrees CelsiusDay-to-day viscosity varies greatly (40 One ​​day is about 25 degreedays), at 40 degree placement60 The viscosity changes slightly every day, so it is recommended that if the goods need to be stored for a long time, adding a catalyst before use can better ensure the storage stability of the product.

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