HDI trimer HX-100

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HDI trimer HX-100




HDI based modified polyisocyanate, containing isocyanurate


Non-solvent, 100% of solid content.


Hardener for two-component, non-yellowing type of polyurethane paint with excellentweathering ability.




Pale yellow liquid

NCO content (%)


Solid content (%)


Viscosity 25°C (Gardner No.)(mPa.s)

X – Z21,290 – 3,620

Color  (Gardner No.)


Monomer HDI(%)



CORONATE HX is a hardener for non-yellowing type of PU paints, with superiorperformance to conventional biuret or adduct types of hardeners. CORONATE HX iswidely accepted in the paint industry for various applications, such as motor bike parts,automotive parts, automotive finishing, wood finishes, etc. This is because of itsresistance to high heat, high solubility in solvents and good compatibility with polyols.


The combination of CORONATE HX with acrylic polyols produces non-yellowingtype of’ paint with excellent weathering ability and resistance against ultra-violet rays.by which its original color could be long sustained. This two-component type ofpaint is applied for automotive refinishes, industrial purposes, etc.

The combination of CORONATE HX with alkyd polyols results in two-componenttype of paint, which is applied for industrial purpose, wood finishes, etc.

The addition of CORONATE HX to some nitro-cellulose based or polyurethane basedpaints distinctively improves their physical properties, such as chemical resistance tosolvents. However, it is necessary to test the compatibility for each combination andgreat care should be taken during testing.



CORONATE HX should always be kept in a closed container at room temperaturefor long period of storage. This is to prevent any contact with moisture in the air.since this product is a chemical compound and is highly active with hydroxyl groups.This product should be stored indoors at room temperature (15-25°C).


The reaction of water with the NCO groups in this product causes not only theformation of insoluble products such as urea groups, but also CO, gas, whichincreases the pressure in a closed container, thus resulting in an expansion of thecontainer.Ihe operation for partial use of this product or emptying of a drum should becarriedout with great care in order to prevent any contamination with moisture.The operation to transfer this product into another container should be done under adry atmosphere, then sealed with dry nitrogen before sealing.

HDI trimer HX-100


When this product has to be diluted with solvents, the water content of the solventshould be as low as possible, and great care should be taken during dilution in orderto prevent contamination with water. In addition, this operation should be carriedout under a dry atmosphere.In case of this product needs to be diluted with the desired solvent, the DilutionStability Test of the final formulation under the application conditions is stronglyrecommended.There is a possibility of precipitation, generation of gel-type substance or haze, if thedilution formulation was inappropriate.

Please note that all the dilution work is under customer’s responsibility


  • Care must be taken when handling CORONATE HX as it contains active isocyanateand solvent.

  • Please refer to MSDS concerning its hazards, proper use, and handling before workingwith this product.T

  • his product is flammable. Therefore, the use of fire is prohibited in the work area.

  • Appropriate safety measures and protective equipment such as goggles and gloves.should be used when working with this product in order to prevent contact with skin.

  • CORONATE HX is mainly applied for spray coatings. A protective mask should beworn in order to prevent inhalation of spraying mist.

  • CORONATE HX contains below 0.4% of free isocyanate. This value does notincrease even if this product is stored over a long period.



220 kgs ( 200L iron drum )


20 kgs( 18L tin can)

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