HDI Quick drying Vencorex X FD 90B

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HDI Quick drying Vencorex X FD 90B



Fast drying aliphatic polyisocyanate based on high functionality hexamethylene diisocyanate trimer (HDI homopolymer), supplied at 90% solids in butyl acetate.

Suggested Uses:

Hardener of fast drying non-yellowing two-pack polyurethane coatings for car repair,marine and protective, ACE and machinery, aerospace, general industry, automotive OEM and plastic parts.

HDI Quick drying Vencorex X FD 90B




Viscosity at 25°C

2000±1000 mPa.s

NCO (on delivery form)

17.4 ±0.6 %

Solids content

90.0±1.0 %

Hexamethylene diisocyanate monomer (HDI)

< 0.5%


The analytical methods are available upon request

Physical Properties:


Clear liquid

Bulk density at 25°C

1130 kg/m3 approx.

Flash point (closed cup)

48°C approx.

Equivalent weight (on delivery form)

240 g approx.


Soluble in esters, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons. In most cases, esters/aromatic hydrocarbon mixtures are used.

It is recommended to use “urethane grade” solvents for the dilution (with water content below 300 ppm).


Tolonate™ X FD 90 B is typically used as a crosslinker of hydroxylated polymers,especially polyesters and polyacrylic polyols, to prepare fast drying twocomponent polyurethanes coatings showing excellent outdoor durability and mechanical properties in conjunction with outstanding resistance to solvents,abrasion and chemical products.

Packaging and transport

Packaging (please contact our sales team for more details):

  • US origin : 225 kg net metallic drum

  • France origin: Deliveries of 900 kg net weight pallets (4 drums of 225 kg netweight).

  • Other packaging: upon request



  • For more precise details, please refer to the safety data sheet


Storage conditions and shelf-life

  • Tolonate™ X FD 90 B is sensitive to moisture and should be kept in its original container or in a volume tank under dry nitrogen blanketing, for example.

  • Appropriate storage for nine months does not normally affect the product in any way if it is stored in its sealed original drums in proper storage conditions, at temperatures below 40°C.

Flammability and safety instructions:

Before handling this product please refer to its safety data sheet

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